Justin Bieber Smashed His Guitar During Grammy Performance

Justin Bieber Smashes GuitarHey, remember that time where Justin Bieber turned bad boy and smashed his guitar all over the Grammy stage? Yeah, neither do we even though it did go down. Read on for how his big rock and roll bad boy moment turned into just a little blip.

Oh baby. Justin Bieber, 21, was looking to storm the 2016 Grammys by showing off his very adult new music and attitude, and what better way to do that than smashing his acoustic guitar to pieces following his tender version of “Love yourself.” But the problem is, no one really caught it cause the guitar didn’t shatter and he was already halfway across the stage to play with Skrillexand Diplo by that point. Read on for why his hard-core rock moment didn’t turn out to be a shocker.

We totally loved Justin’s sweet, acoustic version of “Love Yourself” where it was simply the Biebs onstage with his guitar singing out his catchy yet vindictive ballad. But that tune was only part of his big night as when he wrapped it up and was ready to transition to a hard rocking version of “Where Are U Now,” he slammed his axe to the floor but unfortunately not only did it not smash into a bunch of pieces, the stage lighting went dim just as he was doing it, so his bad boy act was almost impossible to see.

[Source:- Hollywoodlife]