Is TikTok Back In India: Truth Or Gimmick!

On July 29, the central government issued a directive banning 59 Chinese apps along with TikTok in India. The Modi government took this drastic step after the Chinese aggression on the Galwan border in Ladakh and the death of Indian soldiers in the Benazir attack by the Red Army. Many past agreements with Chinese companies have even been scrapped. Chinese products are boycotted everywhere. But many people’s concern is “will TikTok come back in India 2020”. Let’s discuss if there is any chance that TikTok back in India…

What TikTok App Is Used For?

TikTok is an app in which people create and share short videos. The craze of TikTok had increased in India in the last few years. In this, people used to make videos and share things like songs, film dialogues. People used to earn money through TikTok. At first, it was famous as the name of, but later its name changed to TikTok.

This app was launched in 2016 but it became very famous in 2018. In October 2018, TikTok became the most downloaded app in the US. But now the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked Google and Apple to remove this app.

This action came after the decision of the Supreme Court, in which the court refused to stay the Madras High Court’s decision on the app. Due to the obscene content, the Madras High Court had asked the central government to ban this app in India and closed all doors for TikTok back in India.

Why TikTok And Other Popular Apps Banned In India?

The applications were not just banned for their Chinese origin, the government said in a statement. TikTok and a few other apps have already been removed from the Play Store, with the rest still visible, meaning they’re still being downloaded.

Indian netizens or smartphone users have been venting their anger since the Indo-China tensions on the Galvan border. There were calls for a ban on Chinese app and product purchases. Earlier, there were reports on social media that more than 48 applications had been banned, which was denied by the government.

But now an official statement from the Ministry of Information and Technology says the ministry has received complaints about the apps, with several reports suggesting user data is being stolen. The Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) reported that many apps had violated users’ privacy.

And thus, India’s Ministry of Information Technology has decided to ban those 59 applications along with tik tok in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act (Procedures and Safeguards to Block Access to Public Data) so that no one else can access and misuse the data of citizens of the country.

Is There Any Chance That Tiktok Back In India?

The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has sent a list of 69 questions to 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok India. The Indian government wants to know about content censorship, working on behalf of foreign governments, and collecting information on app users. TikTok, a popular application by Chinese company BitDance, will answer the question if the government is satisfied with it. The ban will be lifted and TikTok, Hello, UC Browser will be able to do business as smoothly as before. 

So, if you are willing to know when will TikTok come back, then let me tell you that according to the concerned quarters, the possibility of returning the banned apps is very slim. However, TikTok said that they are giving utmost importance to India’s sovereignty and security so that TikTok return to India. Bitdance has also recently invested heavily in business growth in India. 

However, the Center has also made it clear that the interests of the country will be given the highest priority. And that is why the Ministry of Information and Technology will decide after reconsidering the answer to the Chinese app.

Is TikTok Back In India Finally?

Some are wondering, “is TikTok coming back in India?” Or “can TikTok come back in India?” And some fake news is also spreading that TikTok is back to India. If you think so, then you need to know a lot. TikTok and 56 Chinese apps, which were banned by the Indian central government, were not surprised by the increasing tension at the border between India and China.

A list of 59 banned Chinese apps was submitted to the government by Indian intelligence agencies. Although the boundary dispute has not been fully resolved, it is safe to expect that restricted applications will not be returned anytime soon. So, the answer to the question “Is Tiktok back in India?” Or ” TikTok return in India?” TikTok has been blocked and banned in the nation and thus, recently, there is no chance that TikTok back in India.