Some iPhone Users Reporting of Repeated Freezing of Phone App

Some iPhone Users Reporting of Repeated Freezing of Phone App

Apple has recently been receiving several types of user complaints on its product forums, and now iPhone users are reporting another issue. According to some users, the Phone app keeps freezing sporadically making it impossible for users to make and take calls.

Forbes was the first to notice these complaints on the forums, and claims that even though the issue is more prominent among the iPhone 7 users, even some iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s users have been reporting the same issue. The Phone app repeatedly keeps freezing, and neither a soft or factory reset is helping in resolving the issue.

A user named BingoBones describes, “I have the new iPhone7. The Phone app often freezes and requires me to “hard-close” the app by double clicking the home button and swiping up. Is this a known issue? Does anyone know how to fix? My software is up to date iOS 10.1.1″

Many users have replied to this user reporting that they’ve been facing the same issue. These users also point out that the Phone app crashes mostly when they are in Phone app settings or recent calls, or even during calls over Bluetooth headsets. Apple has not addressed the issue yet, but users hope that a fix is along the way with the commercial release of iOS 10.2.

Apple was recently also embroiled in the ‘battery gate’ issue, where many users were reporting that they were facing battery issues in that their iPhones. They were abruptly shutting down even with sufficient battery life remaining. While this issue was found to be widespread among all models, Apple issued a replacement program only for the iPhone 6s users exclusively. Head over to this webpage to find out if you are eligible for a replacement or not.

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