iPhone 8 Could Bring Truly Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 Could Bring Truly Wireless Charging: Report

A new report claims that the iPhone 8 could feature brand new wireless charging technology that hasn’t been seen on Android phones launched so far. The new wireless charging feature reportedly will let the upcoming iPhones get charged from a distance of about 15 feet which means that users won’t need to place the iPhone on a wireless charging plate, like we’ve seen with wireless charging technology so far.

There have been several reports suggesting that Apple may ditch the ‘iPhone 7s’ name for next year’s iPhone based on its naming convention and directly name it iPhone 8 considering 2017 is Apple’s tenth anniversary of launch of the original iPhone.

According to a report by Zach Epstein of BGR, Apple may use wireless charging tech developed by Energous that could let the iPhone 8 charged from across the room. The report claims that a small chip on the iPhone will let the device wirelessly connect to a base station and also charge from a distance of up to 15 feet.

“Energous has repeatedly stated on earnings calls that it is working with a “tier 1″ smartphone manufacturer, and all signs in the past have pointed to Apple,” notes the report.

If true, then the next iPhone can be charged constantly without needing to plug or place the device on a charging plate.

A previous report had suggested that the iPhone 8 wireless charging components are already being manufactured by Foxconn, which will also test it. Rumours claim that the wireless charging capabilities may be exclusive to the premium iPhone 8 variant, similar to how the dual-rear camera setup is limited to the more expensive iPhone 7 Plus variant.

The new BGR report also adds that the iPhone 8 is likely to bring biggest design changes since iPhone 6 launched in 2014. It adds that the iPhone 8 may feature a glass front and back panels which will be connected by metal around the edges. In-line with previous leaks, the new report also suggests the iPhone 8 may use OLED screen.

Some of the other changes expected on the iPhone 8 include next-generation Touch ID, new 3D Touch gestures, and a new A11 Fusion processor.

[Source:- gadets.ndtv]