iOS 10 Running on 54 Percent of Active Devices Less Than a Month After Launch

iOS 10 Running on 54 Percent of Active Devices Less Than a Month After Launch

According to the latest figures posted by Apple, more than half the iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) users visiting the App Store have updated to iOS 10. The Cupertino-based company updated its App Store Distribution page to show the OS distribution data of App Store visitors on October 7 2016, split between iOS 10, iOS 9 and earlier iOS versions.

The App Store Distribution page says that 54 percent or the majority of devices are now running iOS 10, followed by 38 percent running iOS 9, and 8 percent running earlier versions. It’s worth noting that iOS 10 is now running on over 50 percent iOS devices in less than a month after its initial release. To recall, iOS 10 was reported to be running on 22.31 percent of all iOS devices in just three days since its release.

The iOS 10 mobile operating system saw slightly slower adoption rate compared to its predecessor which recorded a milestone in the company’s history last year. Apple had announced in September last year that iOS 9 saw the fastest adoption rate in the company’s history and reached over 50 percent eligible devices in just three days after the official rollout began.

Apple may have reported a considerable adoption rate for iOS 10; though third-party tracking sites put iOS 10’s adoption rate above the company’s estimates. According to Fiksu, Apple’s iOS 10 is now running on 68.2 percent in roughly a month since its release. A report by analytics firm Mixpanel claims a similar trend and reports that iOS 10 reached over 65 percent eligible devices in roughly a month.

To refresh, iOS 10 brings heaps of improvements to the iMessage, Maps, Music, and Photos app. Some of the other notable features include new notification design, and the control centre which has also received revamp.

The iOS 10 rollout has seen some issues reported by users including loss in cellular service and Lightning EarPod issues. Apple recently acknowledged the flaw in its local password protected iTunes backups in iOS 10 that reportedly weakened password security and also confirmed that it is working on a fix.

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