IBOSS launches asset management business and fund range


Portfolio service provider IBOSS has launched an asset management business and four risk-rated multi-manager funds, in an effort to widen its availability to investors.

Harrogate-based group IBOSS Limited has provided advisers with a white-labelled investment service since the firm’s launch in 2008.

Last month, the group decided to launch IBOSS Asset Management in order to offer a multi-manager OEIC range consisting of four risk rated sub-funds, with investments chosen by co-founder Chris Metcalfe, senior analyst Chris Rush, and analyst Michael Heapy.


With Margetts Asset Management acting as the ACD, the funds will be known as MGTS IBOSS 1, MGTS IBOSS 2, MGTS IBOSS 4 and MGTS IBOSS 6.

Each fund will typically invest in 35-40 vehicles, across equities, fixed interest, property and cash.

Metcalfe (pictured) said: “The funds are designed as core holdings for clients’ ISA, investment and pension portfolios. They allow advisers to consolidate their clients’ investments within a tax efficient product and our reporting systems allow them to track the progress of these investments easily to ensure they are on track to meet their goals.

“IBOSS is a privately owned investment boutique, which is not tied to any other fund management institution for investment purposes, allowing us free thought on market and economic trends. We are not influenced by any ‘house’ view other than our own.”

[Source:- Investmentweek]