HP ElitePOS Enters Crowded Retail Payment Market

Today’s retailers, including small businesses, need a seamless integration between the digital and brick and mortar world when taking payments from customers. The new all-in-one HP ElitePOS (point-of-sale) system offers a modular design with a platform addressing this integration. But whether it’s pricing will make it an appealing option for small businesses in a crowded market of POS options remains to be seen.

A Look at the HP ElitePOS

According to HP (NYSE:HPQ), the ElitePOS system was developed after working with leading retail and hospitality customers and partners to reinvent the segment. And by all accounts, HP has created a transformative POS system for the customer’s in-store experience.

Modular Design

The modular design of the ElitePOS is eye catching and functional. Unlike the traditional POS boxes, a column houses optional printer and holds the monitor in place for clean counter space. You can add a barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader built into the display for a complete system.

The ElitePOS is powered with 7th generation Intel Core processors with vPro technology, DDR4 memory and Windows 10. In addition to looking good, it is also durable, designed to pass MIL-STD tests so minor spills can be channeled out the device.

HP ElitePOS - Modular Design

In a release announcing the new POS device, Aaron Weiss, vice president and general manager of Retail, HP Inc., explains:

“The new HP ElitePOS solution is built for versatility with a sleek and stunning design that can adapt to multiple retail and hospitality environments, while still offering the security, performance and long-term durability that our customers expect from HP.”


A 2016 report by InReality revealed 69 percent of shoppers would be more likely to buy in-store if given self-help tech like digital kiosks or interactive displays. The ElitePOS has a self-service feature so customers can check-in and check-out quickly and easily.



Forty five percent of POS malware attacks take place in small businesses. And the ElitePOS has hardware and integrated software security features. The self-healing PC BIOS and firmware protects the data, devices and customers of your POS system.

With HP Sure Start Gen310, Device Guard and Credential Guard7, the Elite is protected against low and high level attacks. Access to the system can also be secured with an optional fingerprint reader and Windows Hello.

HP ElitePOS - Security

As for the physical security of the Elite, it can be bolted to the counter with a VESA mounting K-Lock.

Price and Availability

The ElitePOS is expected to be available in August 2017 from HP and its global partners, but the company has not mentioned the price.

It remains to be seen whether it will be priced for small business use, because this is a competitive field, with the likes of Brilliant POS, POS Nation, Cashier Live and others addressing the segment. However, if HP does get it right with the price, the great look, modular design, and security features could make it a hit with small business retailers.