How To Find the Best Staff

As the boss, when you are hiring a new person, you may have a lot of choices. How do you choose the most qualified applicants from a sea of resumes? Once you’ve decided whom to interview, how do you decide who is the best fit? To make great choices, you have to use great tactics.

Improve Your Interview Techniques

Many employers have a standard list of questions on file that they use in every interview. While there’s nothing wrong with being consistent, keep in mind that if all you ask are common questions, you are probably going to get common answers. Try to mix in a few surprise questions that challenge the interviewees and make them think on their feet. Give them real case scenarios that show you how they process input and solve problems, and you are likely to see a few stand out among the crowd.

Outsource Your Staffing

For jobs that require general office or organizational skills, you don’t have to rely solely on the pool of candidates who approach you. The best staffing agencies in Boston can help you find assistants who are dependable and competent. These new hires can start out as temps, allowing you to give them a test run without making a full-time commitment. If you are pleased with their work, you can then offer them a permanent position with the confidence that they can do the job.

Call Former Employers

Applicants may list references whom they know they can depend on for a glowing review, and you should take the time to contact those references. A more telling conversation, however, may be the one you have with former employers. They have firsthand knowledge of how well the applicant performs on the job and may be able to offer valuable insight.

Finding great employees isn’t always easy. The greater effort you make to find the best candidates, the better luck you are likely to have.