Google My Business now lets all businesses create Google Posts

Google My Business now lets all businesses create Google Posts

Google has just made Google Posts available to local businesses who are users of the Google My Business service. So Businesses can now create Google posts to keepe their customers informed of any changes, updates and promotions.

The posts will be linked on the company’s Google Business listing. While it was previously available to select entities, now all the businesses will be able to use this feature. Up until now, only large corporate and organizational entities like a sports team, production houses, museums, and politicians were allowed to create Google posts.
The service works simply, the posts made by the company will appear in Google Search when the company is searched for. One can also include photos, videos and GIFs to the post, which will help to get more traffic to the original source site and content.

Google has explained in the announced post that once a new Google Post has been created, it will be visible to those searching for the business. Their business listing will also show up along with the posts. So if people want they can click on each post to read the entire content. They can also share the post with others if they wish to.

Undoubtedly, this will feature will help both the businesses and their customers. For businesses because they can now engage with their customers better than ever and get new customers.
As for customers, they can know about new offers, daily specials, promotions, limited-time offers or special events. As mentioned earlier, this feature is available for all Google My Business users, and they can post from desktops as well as from smartphones.