Get tanked!

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With summer heat hitting the high notes, this cool trend is the latest décor must-do for homes. This time round, aquariums are big, bold and filled with high-tech gadgetry. Aquarium designers can now simulate sunrise and sunset with LED lights to reduce stress for some fish and even create storms to stimulate breeding. Aquarium designer Kapil Sinha says, “If you want to have a wow factor at home, get a high-tech aquarium.”
‘Aquascaping’ or the art of decorating a home aquarium is trending on picture sites like Instagram (with over 1 lakh searches for #aquascaping) and Pinterest. But bringing together a tank is a skill that takes years to develop. The good part? You can find many tutorials online.WATER BABIES

Feng shui expert SBS Surendran says, “An aquarium at home brings good luck and increases prosperity. It creates a calming environment, adding tranquillity to your home.” A study of 84 people by British and American researchers found that aquariums can lower blood pressure.

Just like a terrarium, picking your aquatic plants and arranging them is the building block of your aquarium. As a rule of thumb, the tallest plants are in the background, floating plants in the forefront, moss goes on the floor. As for the cost – the sky is the limit. You can pick a small tank for ₹2,000 or go crazy with a big wall-mount for ₹3 lakh. In fact, fancy tanks with rare fish and wall-to-wall mounting can come for $1 million!


  • Feng shui aquariums attract wealth and abundance. Placed right, it will amplify the energy and attract more wealth chi
  • Place your aquarium in the Southeast area (for wealth and abundance) followed by North area (for career)
  • Spending time with your aquarium, enjoying it and taking good care of it, as well as being clear of its feng shui role will strengthen its energy

A Purdue University study found that displaying tanks of brightly coloured fish may curtail disruptive behaviour and improve eating habits of those with Alzheimer’s