Get Protected! Know Your Email Security Gateway Platforms

Cybercriminals are people or groups who utilize technology to carry out nefarious acts on digital networks or systems to steal confidential business information or personal data and make money. Cybercriminals are known to use the deep web’s underground markets to sell malicious products and services like hacking tools and data that has been stolen. In addition, underground markets operated by cybercriminals are known to specialize in particular goods or services.

To protect your email from cyber criminals, you should use an email security gateway platforms to protect your accounts. Cybercriminals can impersonate the sender of an email account or manipulate its content. It is, therefore, advisable to choose a strong password that is difficult to guess. In addition, to help you avoid phishing attacks, you can set up your Security Gateway to automatically create user accounts by querying a user verification source or manually through the Domains and Users menu.

Cybercriminals manipulate email

Cybercriminals can easily impersonate reputable senders by modifying email content or altering the “From:” header. This type of attack can also affect email client functionality. Most email clients only display the ‘From:’ header if they know who the email is from, but hackers can forge it to fool your email client into thinking you are sending them an email. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent your email client from showing forged emails. For instance, you can add DNS records to your email server to prevent forged emails from appearing on your account.

Phishing emails use fake websites to entice recipients to download malicious software. These malicious files can steal sensitive information or install malware. Phishing emails can easily trick users into giving out their credit card information, passwords, and other confidential data. Depending on their conviction, phishing emails can be extremely damaging.

Detect phishing imposters

Detecting phishing emails is crucial for your business in this digital age, and Sophos Email uses advanced machine learning to block spam, phishing links, and malicious content. In addition, Sophos Email uses multi-layered protection, detecting targeted spear phishing attacks based on content and sender authentication. It also analyzes header anomaly analysis and display name and lookalike domain checks to detect malicious emails.

Sophos email works with Microsoft Exchange, Azure, and on-premise Active Directory. You can manage and protect your email in the cloud through Sophos Central. It includes multi-layer spam detection, an emergency inbox, and an end-user self-service portal.

Proofpoint Email Protection

Businesses can defend themselves against even the most sophisticated email threats with the help of Proofpoint Email Protection, a comprehensive email security solution. The platform has both basic and sophisticated components for email protection. A 30-day free trial is available. Following that, you can test the platform and determine whether it’s appropriate for your company.

The Proofpoint Email Protection system includes Targeted Attack Protection (TAP), which helps detect advanced email threats like malicious URLs and attachments. It also offers adaptive controls that identify potential risks in cloud apps. In addition, Proofpoint’s TAP feature helps identify patterns and behaviors used by hackers.

The best email security gateway should have advanced threat detection and comprehensive email filtering capabilities. It should also be easy to administer and deploy. Check the pros and cons of each email security platform before committing to one.


The FortiMail email security gateway platform is the best-in-class email security solution, protecting over 100 million mailboxes for tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Its multi-layered approach to email security addresses inbound and outbound content risks and compliance and data loss risks. It also offers a variety of deployment and consumption models, including cloud-hosted email infrastructures.

The FortiMail email security gateway platform combines threat protection, data protection, and high-performance mail handling into a single service. Users can customize the FortiMail system to suit their needs, setting security policies and profiles and controlling quarantines and end-user settings. In addition, users can deploy FortiMail in a gateway or inline mode, depending on their needs.