Four Ways to Perfect Your Travel Blog Without Spending Too Much Cash

The number one mistake that travel bloggers make is spending too much cash on the “getting there” side of professional blogs. This is when you cash in for expensive trips but fail to consider that your trip might not generate enough blog traffic to be worth the expenses.

To save cash while perfecting your travel blogs, read this article of tips. You should start here for suggestions, but these should inspire you to come up with your own blogging dos-and-don’ts as you learn the business.

Pepper Your Posts with Photographs that You Took of Your Destinations—Keep Selfies to a Minimum

Most travel blog readers are coming to your posts with curiosity to see where someone like them has been before. So, show them photographs. Invest in a great camera that allows you to take stellar pictures of the places you go. Then pepper them throughout your blog posts about the destination they go with.

Tip: Keep selfies to a minimum.

Engage Optimum Audience Attention by Keeping Your Blogs Simple and Beautiful, like Reliving a Memory

Think of writing a travel blog post like reliving memories and retelling those memories to your friends. They are clear, concise, and descriptive, with plenty of simple detail that paints a picture of what you remember. Your travel blog post should be the same. Simple, beautifully worded, and inviting to your readers. Relive the excitement of your experiences, like when you first snagged your collection of concealed carry coats and jackets.

Network Your Travel Blog Across Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have provided the best networks for bloggers. Make a social media profile on each popular social media site, then keep them up-to-date and engaging with simple, descriptive status messages that invite readers to enjoy your travel blogs. Keep your page professional but join groups to make friends with like-minded travelers because they will be your audience.

Think for the Long-Term Revenue-wise, i.e. Affiliates, Backlink Programs, etc.

If you want to make a career out of your travel blogs, you need to start with backlinks within your social media status messages. These backlinks direct audiences to specific travel blog posts. And, once they’re hooked, they will stay to click through your other posts.

Tip: Sign up with affiliate programs for endorsement with subtle product placements in your travel blogs. You will get a percentage of every reader that clicks through to the actual product via your blogs.