Finding Your Way After Graduation

Graduating from high school can be both exciting and scary. The best thing you can do is come up with some type of plan for what you want to do with your life. You may not know exactly how you will spend your adult years, but picking a general direction in which to go will be helpful and relieve much of your worries.


Colleeg is a popular choice among high school graduates. You can earn your degree in many different types of career choices. Starting at a local community college or satellite school will save you money during the first two years. Transfer to a university to finish your degree.

Trade School

Trade schools prepare you for many of the hands-on jobs such as electrician, mechanic, or construction worker. Many of these schools offer several different programs on one campus while others specialize in one career such as schools that teach you how to become a recording engineer.

The Service

Joining the service is an excellent option for many graduates. It allows you to learn valuable skills that you can use throughout life. You can pick a job to be trained in that helps you find employment after your discharged. If you aren’t interested in serving full time, consider the National Guard. They offer great incentives such as free college, and they only meet one weekend out of each month.

The Job Force

Higher education isn’t for everyone. If you didn’t enjoy school, you probably aren’t going to want to volunteer for more classes after graduating. This is nothing to be ashamed of. There are plenty of respectable jobs available that pay well and only require a high school diploma.

Any one of these four paths will get you on your way as you head into adulthood. Many of these options can be tweaked later on, but at least you will have a plan for after school that will benefit your future no matter where it tales you.