Expand your real estate search with app’s suggested properties


With our latest app feature, we suggest properties that may not have appeared in your search to begin with, increasing your chances of finding that dream home.

realestate.com.au is the first Australian property portal to launch Suggested Properties, a new app feature now available for renters and buyers. The recommendation tool suggests relevant listings to property hunters based on their search habits on realestate.com.au.

How it works

Similar to the way Netflix suggests movies, Spotify suggests songs and eBay and Amazon recommend products, realestate.com.au’s Suggested Properties personalises listings based on a consumer’s behaviour while logged in to realestate.com.au’s apps and sites.

Suggested Properties serves you up relevant listings that you may not have considered, or had an opportunity to view. The technology reveals relevant properties outside the criteria of your original search, increasing the chances for you to find your dream home.

Suggested properties


With the most properties and the most people looking for property*, realestate.com.au is well placed to suggest relevant properties to you. There have been more than 5 million downloads of the app already* – don’t get left behind.

As well as being able to suggest properties, the app has the ability to send push notifications when new properties come on the market, as well as send email reminders to your phone about upcoming OFIs and auctions.

Getting started

To start receiving realestate.com.au Suggested Properties, download the latest realestate.com.au app and sign into your account. Suggestions will be made based on your search behaviour in the Buy or Rent sections of realestate.com.au.

[Source:- Realestateworld]