Don’t Take Chances with Your Divorce or Child Custody Case

Family law covers a lot of ground and each case is unique, but none of them should be taken lightly. While most family law cases don’t carry the weight of prison time or the significant financial losses of a personal injury suit, the losses you do face may be even more devastating. Almost all family law cases concern the breaking up of the family unit and looking for ways to create a new family dynamic.

For these reasons, it can be a costly mistake to try to handle your case without the assistance of a family attorney Tampa. One reason it’s in your best interests to hire a lawyer is that your former spouse will likely hire an attorney. A situation in which you’re attempting to prove your case against an experienced legal advocate can have disastrous consequences. A lawyer working against you will know more about the law and how to present evidence to cast doubt on your version of events.

Hiring a lawyer of your own levels the playing field, so you have a better chance of achieving a more favorable outcome. In a divorce proceeding, this may mean ensuring you won’t have to give up more than your share of assets. It can also mean making sure you’re able to hang onto an asset that holds sentimental value or an asset that you possessed prior to the marriage.

Working with an attorney becomes even more crucial in child custody and support cases. Without an experienced legal advocate working to present your case, you may end up facing a loss of custody and you may have to accept limited visitation. Your attorney can make sure you maintain an active role in raising your children, while also ensuring any support mandates are fair to all parties.

As this brief overview illustrates, family law cases are not to be taken lightly. The rulings made in family court are difficult to overturn once they have been established, so it’s vital to present the best case possible. Hiring an attorney eliminates unnecessary risks and raises your chances of getting the outcome you want.