‘Dead Or Alive 6’ News: Koei Tecmo Reveals New Character And 2 New Modes


Dead or Alive is one of the most respected fighting game series and the latest addition, DOA 6 is coming in March.

This week, publisher Koei Tecmo revealed the newest character added to the game’s roster. He’s known as the Regeneration of Brutality, Raidou. The heel ninja was supposedly killed after the first DOA tournament, but through the use of DOATEC biotech, he was restored but is now a psychopath.

Based on that storyline, the developers have delivered a powerful move-set for the returning character. He uses Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu for his base and the Tenho-Gorai-Sho and the Rekku-Jinraisatsu attacks are among his signatures. Take a look at a preview of the character:

Along with the unveiling of Raidou, there were also two new stages shown as well: A.P.O and the Chinese Festival A.P.O. Here is a look:



The news drop from Koei Tecmo also included information about the Quest and Training modes. In the Quest mode, gamers will be charged with clearing a variety of missions to complete during matches. It sounds a lot like specific challenges, such as no punches, kicks or throws, or win without losing more than half of your energy.

Expect to see more information on the Quest mode as we move closer to the official release. We do know that if you clear the missions, you’ll earn Player Points which can be used to unlock in-game cosmetic items. There’s also another purpose for the Quest mode.

It’s designed to teach players the nuances of a character’s fighting style. On the surface, you’d think the Training mode would be similar, but it’s a little freer. In the Training mode, players get to pick any character to use in free training, tutorial as well as command training and combo challenge.

DOA has some of the most complex combinations of all fighting games, so it’s good to see a number of instructional modes. However, the key with that concept is making the tutorials fun. We won’t know if that mission has been accomplished until we get an opportunity to give it a spin.