Chandigarh reports 218 dengue cases this month, tally crosses 1,000 mark

Chandigarh reports 218 dengue cases this month, tally crosses 1,000 mark

With 218 cases of dengue in November, the total number of cases has crossed the 1,000 mark in Chandigarh this year. At present, the tally of dengue patients for this year is 1,107 and a total of three people died of the disease.

Even though the number of daily cases has started to come down from 40 to over 20 now, the city residents are still having a hard time getting platelet kits in the market and a shortage of kits has been reported.

According to a report published in the Tribune, the UT health department has issued maximum challans and show-cause notices to people and institutions for violating the dengue norms this year. As per the report, notices have been served to people for not maintaining hygiene and giving more breeding space to mosquitoes. Around 474 challans, 9,703 notices and show-cause notices were issued this year for flouting dengue norms in Chandigarh.

“I had put up a request on the social media to purchase platelet kits, but no kits were available with the local chemists,” The Tribune quoted a city resident as saying.

Many people whose family members were diagnosed with deadly dengue are putting up appeals on social media to arrange for the platelet kits.

Dengue outbreak attributed to DENV-2 strain

The report suggests that the outbreak of dengue cases has been attributed to the DENV-2 strain, which is the most severe of all. Apart from high fever, it can also cause other symptoms of typical dengue infection and can be fatal. The DENV-2 strain is more dangerous and can reduce mortality in patients. Delayed monsoon is also one of the reasons due to which dengue cases saw a spike in October in Chandigarh. It is to be noted that the dengue mosquito cannot breed in low temperatures and when winter sets in, some relief is expected.