Downsizing can be daunting, but when you have the help of two dedicated designers, things start looking up.

Rarely does the term “blank slate” ring as true as when it comes to decorating a new space. But in Terence Little and Ben Clermont’s case, it had a double meaning: They moved into a 1,080-square-foot new-build penthouse in central Vancouver, which, as Terence describes, “was white, white, white, everywhere looked,” and they brought virtually nothing with them. Moving from a house more than twice the size, the couple purged everything but their artwork and a lone armchair, so they could start decorating from scratch.

But where does one even begin with a clean canvas like this? “With homework,” advises designer Jamie Deck ofShift Interiors, who teamed up with Lindsay McLennan of Motto Interior Design to masterfully execute a design Terence and Ben would love while maximizing their limited space. “We have a pretty intense interview process,” explains Jamie. “We ask our clients to do lots of colour research and to find inspiration photos.” What the couple turned in revealed a proclivity for masculine interiors with simple, clean lines, Mid-Century Modern-style furnishings and bold hits of black. “We wanted the condo to look interesting, comfortable and modern, but not overly designed,” says Ben. “Out top requested were to create a space that’s efficient and easy to entertain in, as well as to highlight the view outside,” adds Terence.

[Source:- styleathome]