Best Smart Home and IoT Products of 2021 in India

Best Smart Home and IoT Products of 2021 in India

The best smart home and IoT products of 2021 comprise of various products we’ve reviewed across diverse product segments. We’ve reviewed many smart speakers, robot vacuum cleaners and unique products such as personal tracking devices and air purifiers in 2021, and our list comprises of the best products we’ve tested this year across all of these categories. What is common among all of these Internet-of-Things (IoT) products is the ability to connect to the Internet or another device in some way that offers unique features and capabilities.

The smart home and IoT categories have expanded considerably in 2021, and now include entertainment, health, home cleaning, and personal device security and tracking. Read on for our list of the top smart home and IoT gadgets of 2021.

Best premium smart display and speaker: Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)

With an interesting 10-inch screen that can follow your gaze, and a loud speaker system, the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) is the most impressive smart display and speaker we’ve seen this year. Powered by the ever-improving Alexa, the Echo Show 10 can do a lot using voice commands, including play video and music from supported streaming services, control your IoT devices, and even work as a digital photo frame and display general information when idle.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) is expensive, and sound quality didn’t quite match up to expectations at this price. However, the excellent camera and microphone capabilities, the many Alexa-based features that come with it, and the unique motion-tracking feature which can track your face as you move around the room, make this a smart home device like no other.