Best Instagram Growth Tools That Will Scale Up Your Reach


Be it videos or images Instagram is currently the best platform to market your brand/business. The platform is suitable for multiple content formats and that makes it highly preferable. Apart from multiple content curating features, Instagram also hosts a wide user base which makes it suitable for brand marketing. Brands and businesses of all sizes can benefit from this platform.

Growing organically on Instagram is a massive challenge because the platform is extremely competitive. With an overload of content on the platform, brands need to be on their toes when it comes to keeping the audience engaged. The dynamic changes in the audience behaviour make it all the more difficult to come up with result-oriented strategies.

Increasing followers and growth on Instagram is still a goal for most marketers. The users have a lot to choose from and that makes it all the more difficult to keep them hooked to your content. This is where marketers need to use Instagram growth tools.

Just like Instagram marketing tools, Instagram growth tools help you grow your following and reach.

So without further ado let’s get acquainted with some of the best Instagram growth tools.

Best Instagram Growth Tools To Choose From

1. Unbox Social

Unbox Social dashboard

The Unbox Social tool has dedicated solutions for Instagram. The tool has solutions for influencer marketing, social media analytics, and competition tracking. Brands looking out for creating influencer marketing campaigns, analysing industry competitors, and gauging their own social media presence must opt for this tool without a second thought. The easy to use dashboard makes this tool all the more preferable.

The social media analytics feature gives you deep insights into your content performance and audience. Competition tracking, on the other hand, gives you details on how your industry rivals are performing on different social media platforms.

These insights give you a clear picture of where your brand needs to improve and what kind of campaigns should be created to get the best results.

2. Kicksta


Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool that helps you increase your followers organically. The tool is AI-powered and focuses on organic follower growth. The tool keeps you away from spam, bots, and fake followers and helps you build a meaningful and genuine follower base. This tool is useful for brands that are starting from scratch and want to increase followers organically.

3. Combin


Combin is a growth and scheduling tool that helps you with growth tracking and content planning. With Combin, you can see which accounts are not following you back, check audience quality, find the target audience, and monitor your follower growth. Additionally, the tool also helps you with post scheduling and Instagram grid styling.

4. Canva


Aesthetics matter a lot on Instagram and are often responsible for audience growth and reach. Canva is a design platform that allows you to create posts for different social media platforms. The app is simple to use and can be used by beginners too. The tool has a dedicated Instagram Hub for creating posts for Instagram.

5. Flock Social

Flock Social

Flock Social is an Instagram growth tool that helps you increase followers organically. The aim of the tool is to help you engage with relevant users and thereby increase your brand reach and follower base. The tool keeps bots, spam, and fake followers away! An increase in the engagement rate can also lead to increased conversion rates.

6. Ampfluence


Ampfluence has a dedicated feature to build Instagram communities for brands and businesses. The tool follows a systematic process to help you increase your follower base. With consultation, research, and measuring the performance, the tool helps you build an organic and genuine follower base.

7. Social Insight

Social Insight

Social Insight is an Instagram marketing platform that has features like post scheduling, Instagram analytics, and follower analysis. The tool gives you data for follower growth, followers gained, and followers lost amidst other metrics. The accurate data from the tool helps you build and track strategies effectively.

8. AutoHash


AutoHash is an app that helps you with hashtags. The Instagram algorithm works heavily on hashtags. Hashtags help with brand discoverability and hence, it is necessary to use hashtags that give mileage to your brand content. AutoHash discovers the most relevant hashtags for your content. This indirectly helps increase followers and reach.

Using Instagram growth tools surely helps in increasing follower base but consistency in content planning and implementation matter equally. Moreover, it is also important to analyse the brand performance on a regular basis to understand which metrics need a push. Choose the Instagram growth tools as per your brand requirements and make optimum use of its features.

Hope this list of tools helps you accomplish your brand goals and objectives! Check out a few more blogs to ace your Instagram marketing.