The Benefits of Professional Horse Jumps

When hosting a horse show with over fences classes, quality horse show jumps is a high priority. Even if your facility has existing jumps, you may want to freshen things up before hosting a horse show. There are a variety of reasons you want quality, well made horse show jumps when hosting a show.

The most important reason to have quality, well made and well-maintained jumps at any event you host is for the safety of your exhibitors. Well made jumps should be challenging but not scary, stay up when tapped lightly but fall without tripping a horse. Fences that are homemade may not be as sturdy as professional fences. Professionally built fences that are older and not in good condition are also a hazard.

You cannot discount the importance of appearance when hosting a horse show. Nicely painted horse show jumps provide a beautiful setting for exhibitors and provide a wonderful backdrop for photographers. A nicely arranged ring with good looking jumps also creates the impression of a professional facility.

It is important that you don’t underestimate spectator’s and exhibitor’s enjoyment when planning your show. A ring set up with beautifully painted fences adds to the overall enjoyment and horse show atmosphere. For exhibitors that keep their horses at home or at a facility with fewer frills, the opportunity to jump over nice courses will make them want to return to your facility again and again.

Quality horse show jumps are an investment, but investing in them pays dividends. Your facility will attract more exhibitors and spectators, and your venue will develop a reputation as the not to be missed spot to show. Whether you add a few fences to your existing equipment or invest in a package deal that allows you to have multiple fences, walls, and gates, the money spent on professional quality jumps is worthwhile.