Android Nougat’s Night Mode May Soon Come Back to Nexus Devices

Android Nougat's Night Mode May Soon Come Back to Nexus Devices

Google’s ‘Night Mode’, which works similarly to Apple’s Night Shift, has been a feature that has been awaited impatiently by Nexus users. The search giant removed the feature from the final release of Nougat after giving an early glimpse in a developer preview for Nexus devices as the feature was not completely ready. Now, the ‘Night Mode’ will reportedly be making its way back to Nexus devices in the upcoming Nougat 7.1 update.

After the feature was removed from the final build of Nougat, a thread named “Bring Back Night Mode” was posted on company’s issue tracker. Now, the search giant has changed its status to ‘Future Release’, as pointed out by Phandroid. This indicates that the night mode is likely to come back in a future release, possibly the upcoming Android 7.1 Nougat update. Of course users might have to wait for longer if the company decides to push out the feature with a future update.

The ‘Night Mode’ essentially adjusts the screen colour temperature in order to prevent excessive strain on user’s eyes. There have always been apps that can help users adjust the screen colour temperature, such as f.lux, but system-level integration makes this feature extremely useful.

Regarding the removal of night mode features in the Android N, a team of Google Engineers had earlier revealed that both dark theme and screen tinting had to be abandoned for similar reasons. The team claimed that both these were not going to be ready by the time Android N was launched publicly. Further, the team said that it did not want to leave a “half-working” feature in the platform.

[Source:- gadets.ndtv]