Actress Cara Santana Dishes on Combining Decor Styles With Fiancée Jesse Metcalfe

The star of TV show Chesapeake Shores and the cofounder of The Glam App reveal the secrets to a happy home. See their beautiful home here »

How to meld two styles: “I decorated the entire house, and Jesse told me, ‘I’ll love it as long as it’s not all white and beige with gold and mirrored accents’ — which is exactly what it was!” says Cara. “But he finessed it.” Jesse says, “I’m used to dark wood and antique furnishings, so I added that where it was appropriate.”

The secret to keeping things cozy: “The most important thing to me was comfort,” says Jesse. “We don’t want a home that feels like a museum. We let our two dogs do their thing. The reason our house feels like a home is because we live in it and enjoy it.”

Cara’s fashion rules: “Dress for yourself; don’t just follow trends. I always feel great in a white tee, broken-in jeans and a leather jacket. Sometimes wearing the easiest outfit can feel the best.”

Their best relationship advice: “Make a conscious effort to put the phone down and connect with your partner,” says Jesse. “Our relationship has changed so much over 10 years,” adds Cara. “But we continue to listen to each other’s needs and make each other feel important.”