7 Important Things to Factor into Your Home Design

7 Important Things to Factor into Your Home Design

The pandemic made people reconsider their living situations and many realized that they would like to relocate. The previous year has also ground construction to a halt over health concerns while interest rates have plummeted in an effort to attract buyers. All these combined to spur a 14-year high in home sales across the country.

But you don’t have to worry that you’ll miss out. As eager homebuyers snap up pre-made housing, you can take an alternative route and build your own home. This will ensure that you don’t have to struggle with other buyers and that you have complete control over all its design aspects, letting you flex your conceptual skills.

When you’re designing your own house, here are seven factors that you should definitely consider.

Some design elements are more suitable to some terrain than others. The location of your property therefor is of the utmost importance. For example, you may like the idea of a charming basement den but if your property is situated in a flood plain or near a river, you could be wasting thousands of dollars on flood proofing alone. Always factor in the location and any assorted foibles it may have into your home design.

Unless you have an unlimited amount of money to fling around, you must always consider the bottom line when designing a home. Not every amenity or structure you see in an architectural magazine or television show is attainable. You might want to build a huge garage, but do you really need it and can you seriously afford to build it? Why not make a simple and cost-effective carport instead? Simple substitutions and downsizing are your friends in coming up with a lovely but affordable home design.

The outdoor portions of your property are just as important to the design of your house, especially if you want the house and yard to have some sort of unity. How well do you want the elements of your backyard to mesh with the design of your house? Does an Asian-inspired gazebo really work well with your ranch-inspired home? Forgetting to consider that your yard can affect your home design can result in a confusing and unappealing property.

People tend to take the lighting of the property in general because it seems so ubiquitous. However, if you don’t take the lighting into account, you may end up with a house that too hot and too bright or one that’s too dark. If you’re building a home in a west-facing property, you will need to ensure that no bedroom gets the full brunt of that heat and sunshine. If you’re building a house in aland surrounded by tall buildings, incorporate lots of windows and balconies to make the most of the sunlight that filters down.

You should always consider who are you going to share your home with when you’re designing it. Are you planning on sharing your house with an older adult like your parents? Do you have small children who will need lots of supervision? Does anyone you live with have a disability or other special consideration? Fit the design of the house to suit their living and safety needs. For example, eschew steps and stairs for ramps if you live with older adults to avoid slips and falls.

Are you planning on expanding your property anytime soon? Is the cozy bungalow you’re planning on building the extent of your homeowning ambitions? If you’re planning on expanding your house, you need to accommodate such future growth into your design. For example, if you plan on expanding into your backyard in case you want more room for children, then you probably shouldn’t build an expensive in swimming pool there. Planning for future additions helps you prevent questionable costs and avoidable expenses.

Finally, you must always consider if you’re going to sell the house in the future. You’ll never know whether you may wish to relocate or if you’re going to need a huge influx of cash, so it’s best to be prepared. Avoid adding design elements that may not appeal to a lot of people. For example, an indoor firepit may seem cozy and rustic to a handful of people, but it may seem dangerous and ridiculous to plenty more. Always think about the potential resale value of a design element before committing to it.

Designing your own home can be a challenging and enjoyable task, but one that needs plenty of thought. Always keep these factors in mind when your coming up with your perfect home and you can avoid major headaches in the future.