50 Facebook Page Ideas to Keep Your Brand Fresh

50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh

Your brand’s Facebook page offers a great outlet for you to reach potential customers. But it helps if you have some fresh and unique content to keep your fans coming back. While original ideas are usually best, sometimes it can help to draw some inspiration from other popular Facebook pages.

Facebook Page Examples for Inspiration

Here are 50 Facebook profile ideas from brands and celebrities to inspire your own brand page.

Richard Branson

50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - Richard Branson

The successful entrepreneur uses his cover image to promote a new book. And that image can change based on any other upcoming items or promotions.


Focused on unique design and technology, Adobe puts a huge focus on powerful imagery on its Facebook page.


A classic brand, Coca-Cola shares a lot of retro looking and classic imagery on its page, mixed in with videos and newer content that still fit with the brand’s design.

Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees shares a variety of unique content on its page, including cause related posts for its #SavetheBees campaign. All of it is in keeping with the company’s design and branding.


MTV uses its cover image and other posts to promote the network’s upcoming awards show and other special events around the rest of the year.


50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - Starbucks

The popular coffee brand is always sharing new kinds of content on its Facebook page, from colorful images to events. The company even offers an interactive summer game.


Nike sticks with the classic “Just Do It” tagline in its cover image, but includes some more eye-catching imagery in its other photos and videos.


Target’s Facebook page is all about clean lines and pops of color, keeping a consistent image throughout the page.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym shares tons of community focused content on its Facebook page, including re-posts from members and workout and diet tips.

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot is a jewelry company that releases new collections periodically. So all the the imagery on the company’s Facebook page is made to complement the current collection.


50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - Bjork

The eccentric musical artist shares a variety of colorful images and artwork on her page, which is in keeping with her overall brand image.


KFC is another brand that uses a lot of retro imagery focused mainly on Colonel Sanders. The brand also uses a lot of humor on its page.


Dove’s Facebook page is all about clean looking images and stories from real women.


PlayStation changes up its cover image and other imagery regularly so that its Facebook page showcases different games available on the console.

Mabel’s Labels

Focused on labels and kids’ items, this page features a number of stop motion videos and other lighthearted imagery.


50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean’s Facebook page features a video in the cover image area that showcases a lifestyle more than the actual products.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest keeps its Facebook page fun with some candid, behind-the-scenes images of employees and customers.


The popular fast food brand focuses on video content on its Facebook page, especially videos that offer a close view of the food and beverages offered.


This non-profit organization uses its Facebook page to share information about its initiatives and also shares photos and stories from the children needing help around the world.


Oreo features tons of fun images on its page that keep with the company’s branding, as well as recipes and other tips that include Oreo cookies.


50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - Threadless

The clothing brand uses its Facebook page to make shopping easier for customers, including a featured products section right on the page.


Disney keeps its main image a classic one of Mickey, but uses the cover image area to share a mini trailer of an upcoming feature.

Red Bull

Red Bull’s brand is all about adventure. So it shares videos, images and even events that are all in keeping with that theme.


The tech company shares videos on its Facebook page that demonstrate a variety of new tech innovations, like virtual reality.

Jones Soda

Jones Soda uses the location feature to post about where customers can find the product.


50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - KitchenAid

In addition to sharing information about its products, KitchenAid uses its Facebook page to share recipes and other food related content, especially in video form, that its customers are likely to appreciate.

Marie Forleo

This entrepreneur shares a lot of inspirational content and tips on Facebook. But she does so mainly through eye catching images instead of plain old text posts.


Minecraft posts a lot of photos and videos that are directly from the game, along with news and special offers.

Travel Channel

The Travel Channel uses its cover image to promote a specific show. But the rest of the posts focus on sharing short clips that promote travel.

Michael Kors

This fashion brand shares mainly lifestyle images that showcase the brand’s general style rather than only focusing on basic product images.

Tough Mudder

50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder offers a series of unique races and events, and focuses on community on its Facebook page, including posts from participants.


Skittles keeps the content on its Facebook page colorful, just like its candy. And it even features different flavors periodically so there’s sort of a color theme.


For a different twist on a Facebook page concept, Allstate opted to make a page specifically for one of its mascots — Mayhem.


Converse’s page focuses on powerful imagery that includes its products, but not necessarily as the main focus. There’s a lot of emphasis on the people and environments in the photos and videos as well.


The comic universe shares about a variety of movies and characters on its page. But it focuses on one upcoming release in the cover image area, and uses a cinemagraph style image to slowly introduce the title of the film.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude’s uses its Facebook page to call attention to its patients, including photos and stories from those who have been helped by the organization.


This clothing brand has a behind the scenes video of a photoshoot displaying some of its products in the header area. And it also features a shop section so followers can easily browse products.


This network promotes a specific show in its cover image. And then it also shares a variety of helpful content on Facebook, like DIY projects.


Pringles makes use of some unique new features on its Facebook page, like 360 degree video.


The beauty subscription box puts a big emphasis on video for its Facebook page, sharing beauty tutorials that use products from the company’s boxes.

Intrepid Travel

50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel is a travel brand that relies heavily on video to portray experiences and encourage adventure.

World Wildlife Fund

This non-profit organization shares a lot of high quality images of wildlife and nature to call attention to updates about events and other initiatives.

Whole Foods

The organic food market shares a lot of video content on its Facebook page, including healthy recipes and unique food combinations.

Barbara Corcoran

This entrepreneur and Shark Tank personality shares a mix of text posts, photos and videos to share information and inspirational sentiments.


Balance water shares a lot of colorful and light photos of flowers and other lifestyle images to add some interest to its page.


50 Facebook Page Examples to Keep Your Brand Page Fresh - Nutella

This food brand uses classic and colorful imagery on its Facebook page to keep with its retro and classic vibe.


Tanqueray focuses on carefully styled images and videos featuring cocktails made with Tanqueray gin.


This startup’s page focuses on sharing information about the company’s space program. It does so with on-board video and webcasts.

Gary Vaynerchuk

This successful entrepreneur shares a vlog on Facebook every day, along with a variety of other content like photos, tips and even events.


ActionSprout is a non-profit that helps other charitable organizations leverage social media. So the company shares a lot of q&a videos and livestreams to achieve its mission.