5 Ways To Pep Up Your Work Station

5 Ways To Pep Up Your Work Station

5 Ways To Pep Up Your Work Station

NEW DELHI: Our work station is a place where we spend an average of 8 to 9 hours in a day for at least five days a week. This is the place where we get most of our work done. This is the place where we are supposed to think, solve problems, complete task and also pave way for the tasks laid out for the next day. But our work stations can be the most boring place and often be a place providing us the least bit of motivation to complete a task.

But it is not something you cannot tackle. It takes only a bit of creativity and a few external components to transform a work station into the most positive space. The question is how can you turn the most boring place into the most peppy and positive corner. Follow the tips given below and in no time will you be attracting all the positive energy to your work place.

1. Inspirational message: Decorate your work station with some wall decals or small posters with inspirational messages in eye-pleasing fonts. Not only will it increase the aesthetic appeal but will also set the right mood for work.

2. Add something yellow: Yellow is known to boost spirit and optimism. So add a dash of yellow at your work station. It could be anything, from a coffee mug to a pen holder.

3. Add a dash of green: Now that we are talking colors, do not forget to add a dash of green around your work station. Green is known to be a color of harmony and balance and it sure soothes the eye. You can keep a small indoor plant on your desk. These are not only low maintenance but also provide a relaxed aura to the whole set up.


4. Buy a desk planner: Admit it that we all need one. No phone or email reminders can do the job as well as a desk planner. Buy a themed one and you are ready to go.

5. Room freshener: Keep a portable room freshener dispenser around, the ones that you can set to dispensing relaxing fragrant water around your work space after every few hours. The dash of fragrance will uplift your mood by 100%.