20 Bohemian Room Decor Ideas for the Ultimate Free Spirit

sara bengur living room

Add a bit of gypsy, bohemian styling into to your home by using a bit of the tips and ideas below. Learn how to style your home with a free-spirit fashion and quality, mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures with an ease. Check out these 20 dreamy boho room decor ideas and start revamping your home into something much more interesting, artistic and eclectic today!


Inspiring Bohemian Living Room

Check out this living room full of eclectic spirit and nature-inspired decor pieces. We are loving the floral rugs and the mix of prints thrown around the room. And the gallery wall full of flying birds helps to punch up that theme as well.

Feminine Touches

Feminine Touch Bedroom

Even if you decide to go with a more bohemian style, you can still bring a bout of femininity to the mix. Sprinkles coral and keep cream as the neutral foundation and you’ll instantly add a bit of delicacy to the room.

Crystal Pieces

Crystal Pieces for boho decor

A great way to add texture and interest to nooks and crannies of your boho spaces is to add some crystal or agate pieces to the mix. They bring in beautiful colors and uniqueness that’s rarely found inside homes.

Mixing Lights

Bohemian magical bedroom

Creating a boho style is all about little details and one of those details concerns the lights in the space. We love a mixture of lighting when possible; combining natural sunlight, romantic candles and some industrial pendants not only set the moods but create an incredible amount of interest too.

Color Variety

Color variety

The key to try boho decor is knowing how to mix and match unlike pieces. And that goes double for color. When adding different colors to the space, don’t be afraid to use a wide variety of shades.{found on sallycarsoninteriors}.


Macrame Curtain Project

Another great detail to add to your boho chic home or room is a bit of macrame. These textural pieces look great as art on the walls or if you have a slightly bigger design use one as a room divider!{found on abeautifulmess}.

Accessory Chic

Boho style Accessory Chic

When creating a boho style in your home, think about what you want the overall feel to be. If you want something a bit chicer find large, furniture pieces that are a bit simpler and then add the bohemian, free-spirited accessories to transform the area.{found on vintagechandeliers}.

Built-Up Corners

Boho Built-Up Corners

Learn how to layer, and that means the corners too! Layer furniture pieces, texture and accessory to create a fully style area to enjoy. Going minimalistic won’t work if you truly are inspired by boho decor.{found on apartmenttherapy}.


Hammocks are the best for boho style

Hammocks are a beautiful and relaxing part of the bohemian style that we love. Add them to a large living room, bedroom or create an outdoor space that you love to enjoy all year long.

Spanish Accents

Color Rich

There’s something special about infusing culture into your interior design and they’re something fun and spirited about adding some Spanish styles into your bohemian decor too – and it’s so easy to do!{found on astlefordinteriors}.

Surprise Pieces

Hanging wood shelf used like nightstand

Add some surprising pieces to your home’s decor. Yes, you’ll be mixing and matching prints, textures and colors that can be surprising to some but actual pieces that are standout designs like this floating shelf can really stand out in the midst of the eclecticism.

Breathe Life

Breathe Life Backsplash

Even your kitchen can have a unique boho style infused inside. And this kitchen in particular screams bohemian chic! We love the crisp white, emerald green and bundle of plants that add an earthy and lively personality to the room.


Boho style canopy

Similar to hammocks, canopies are the perfect addition to any bohemian home. In living rooms, reading nooks or hanging over the bed, these pieces will help romanticize this interior design style.

Glam Centered

Glam centered

Yes, even your crazy, boho scheme can have a pop of glam too. Fixated around beautiful furniture pieces and delicate colors, layer up the space with patterns and prints you love and a sprinkle of feminine accents as well.


Add a bit of romance to the bedroom

There can be something incredibly romantic about a bohemian-inspired space and that goes double if you’re creating a bedroom around this theme. Low beds, touchable fabrics and bedding, natural lighting; they all come together to create something magical – and it’s all in the details!

Bathroom Details

Bedroom space with bathroom details

You may be someone who wants to create a full home filled with boho style. And if that’s you, here’s a beautiful idea for the bathroom. Add billowing fabric curtains to your standalone tubs, beautiful curtains and organic accents to help transform even the most purely functional of spots.

Cozied Up

Cozy bedroom design with exposed beams

Whether you live in a sleek, modern home or one with exposed beams hanging in the air, bohemian decor is all about the feeling of warmth, coziness and welcoming spirits.{found on rikkisnyder}.

Faux Fur

Faux Fur

Another great accent to add to your boho rooms is a patch or two of faux fur. It creates a bout of luxury and texture too! Whether it’s the rugs, the throw pillows, the blankets or the footstools, it’s an easy detail to include.{found on lonny}.


Luxury dining room

Your dining room can easily blend the fun and exciting of boho inspiration and also a bit of luxury too for all of those dinner parties and holiday adventures with the family. Just mix and match colors and rich tones when creating.

The Nursery

Boho Style Nursery room decor

We love the fun and excitement of this nursery. The colors, the light fixture, the rug and even the decals on the wall create a bohemian, fee style that your little one is sure to love to explore.{found on apartmenttherapy}.