10+ luxury gifts for your loved ones inspired by the Royal Wedding

Luxury gift ideas for the special people in your life

Luxury Gifts for Design Lovers

Has the #RoyalWedding given you a taste for the fine life? Channel all that love for royalty, opulence and luxury into a gift-giving spree for your loved ones on important occasions! While fashion and style-related luxury gifts are the most easiest to pick, our gift guide is designed to encourage home lovers to appreciate products that are design-centric and suitable for different home styles, decor and events. Think: sumptuous house parties, lazy Sunday brunches, hip outdoor get-togethers, children’s birthday parties, and of course, grand Indian weddings that are the stuff of dreams.

AD’s curated gift guide keeps trends at the forefront and also considers other factors such as budget, occasion, style, and exclusivity to draw up the perfect gifting line-up for you and your loved ones each month. Our luxury gift guide for May features perfumes from The Fragrance Co, multi-flavoured tea bags from The Teabox, jewellery boxes, serveware, and much more. The list truly has something for everyone—you can pick uber-stylish gifts for your style-conscious friends and go for everyday options like artistic cutlery from The Crockery Hut for those who prefer understated elegance.


The Fragrance Co

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