10 fascinating ideas for ceiling design

<p>In the case of <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.homify.co.uk/rooms/kitchen">kitchens</a>, it is a matter of space, which should be as bright and wide as possible. Spot lighting models or a central room lamp mean that the work area is very limited and the spatial potential of the kitchen cannot be fully exploited. A well thought-out ceiling design can have a positive effect here.</p><p>Without having to opt for merely a central ceiling lamp, additional luminaries can be installed in the ceiling. If, in the context of the ceiling design, the distribution of the lighting focuses on the working surfaces, you will benefit from a lot of light and little shadows that could affect the working space.</p>
Credits: homify / Gzowska&Ossowska Pracownie Architektury Wnętrz

Even more than mere décor items is a ceiling’s ability to give each room a crowning character, have it look well-maintained and professional designed and impact its overall appearance. In addition, the architectural design of the interiors should certainly be considered as a whole when visualizing the ceiling. This is especially important if you deal with special features such as trusses or roof beams. Of course choosing the design for your ceiling is more than just picking the right colour; it is also about the type of lighting and other elements that we will show you later on in this article. There are so many possibilities, but then again, all of them will ultimately depend on your taste.

Be creative and free your imagination; make your space the canvas in which you can realize the design that you want. But when it comes to the ceiling in the bathroom and the kitchen, however, there are certain requirements that have to be met compared to other rooms. Similar to the flooring, you can create contrasts with the ceiling design and at the same time bring a lot of variety into the room. Be inspired and do not be afraid of combining different styles. Sometimes it is precisely these unique creations that spark an irresistible charm.